Pet Cafe Perth

Pet Cafe Perth

Our coffee shop has spent a long time building up close relationships with our customers, making us the best gathering place for friends, family and coworkers. Just make sure you get over to our cafe in westminster for the most unqiue experience in Perth, western australia. It is important to find a location for the dog cafe in Perth that will be readily accessible for patrons, preferably in a highly visible area with loads of free parking.

The increasing amount of coffee outlets and neighborhood cafes has been seen in australia and we see this emerging trend would stay for a long time. The people from the coffee shop are extremely friendly and very helpful. Our coffee store is open daily for you to enjoy a beverage, cake and chat. we've got a range of different customers including dog owners, dog lovers, Dog Cafe and only local people who like to come in frequently.

The couple that own/run the coffee shop are cute. We now have indoor seats available and yes all accepted from the health department as we have a special structure keeping dogs from the kitchen. Enjoy a naughty hot chocolate or coffee. The new alfresco area and dog coffee bar is great place to relax or get some work done. It seems that the clients at our coffee shop are mainly students and professors. Learn more about why we are the preferred pet friendly cafe in Perth by visiting our site.

The notion of the cafe in westminster is to give people the opportunity to observe how their allergies hold up with the dogs and also to discover the benefits of a little purr therapy. Enjoy eating in our alfresco area while you relax and enjoy the succulent atmosphere. If you are looking for a cafe that offers some of the best atmosphere in the area, come to our venue. It is safe to say that all of the water used in our pet cafe was purified.

The space and energy of the coffee shop will dissipate, to pop up in other aspects of your life. We're a neighborhood cafe that serves delicious food at an affordable price.